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Since 1955, the small law firm’s “man in Washington,” and the place for large firms to show their clients another place they SAVED them money!


NEW PRICING FOR FEBRUARY 2015 – Rates as low as $10.90 a page depending on job size and time turnaround.


Now specializing in Supreme Court legal Brief and Appendix printing – all work done here in Washington, D.C.!



Law Printing, Legal Printing

In our sixth decade of law printing, Thiel Press offers a great-looking job – for the best price in the country!  Thiel Press offers free format consultation (coaching).


Special filing in evening hours available with Supreme Court guards if necessary. In this case, we still procure stamped copies for you and those on your service list.


Thiel Press has been printer for the Rules of the Supreme Court,

Briefs of the Special Master, and other special Supreme Court publications.

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