Our Services


Thiel Press offers Supreme Court law printing services

competitive with any source in the country – and we’re right

here “where the action is” – in Washington, D.C.!



Our high-opacity text – used for every Petition and Brief – is “easy on the eyes” for you, Supreme Court personnel – and Supreme Court Justices!


  • Petitions for Writ – we must receive a check from you, made payable to: Clerk of the United States Supreme Court, for the filing fee of $300.
  • We will create a separate Certificate of Service on a Thiel Press form.  We sign this and have it notarized in accordance with Supreme Court rules, making us your agent here in Washington, D.C.  To create this form, we need from you a full service list, with names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • We file everything here in Washington, D.C. by live, hand delivery, procuring for you an original, court-stamped copy.  Only a Washington, D.C. printer can do this.
  • We also shepherdize consent letters for Amicus Curiae briefs.
  • Amicus Curiae brief – when you do not have the consent of any or all parties, we can advise you on formatting the Motion for Leave to File, and can supervise the requirement for an original signature.
  • Petitions For Rehearing – we have sample language for the good-faith wording required by Rule 44.2.
  • Certificate of Compliance (word count document) – we can provide samples of language for this short document, and, upon procuring it from you, we will then bring it to court by hand delivery as part of your job’s filing package.
  • Pro Se customers – we can advise you so your Petition’s format and appearance are equivalent to that of a seasoned Supreme Court law firm.  We highly recommend that you budget in extra time for a “learning curve,” and start early.

(Our Prices are also regarded by our customers as a clear-cut service – including discounts for longer-turnaround times.  Please “turn the page”)